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The Brothers Streep Show S01E13, with special guests Peter Saul Blewden and Cito

[ Posted 21 November 2011 in Podcast by Simon Streep ]

We interviewed the star of hit musical Burn The Floor, Peter Saul Blewden, and lead singer of Wonderboom, Cito.    And I think it should be said that when I told Cito I didn’t like the latest South African production of Jesus Christ Superstar, I had absolutely no idea that he was in it, playing none other than Jesus Christ Superstar.  Click here to download the episode.

In my defence, I do think Cito and the rest of the cast were great, I just don’t particularly like the songs – yes, the title song of that musical is incredibly catchy, but so is the Spur song – it doesn’t mean Take Me To The Canyon: The Musical is a good idea.

Enjoy this week’s podcast, we’ll see you live again on 2oceansvibe radio this Friday for some more chat, special guests, and Streep selected music...


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