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The Secrecy Bill

[ Posted 24 November 2011 in Video by Simon Streep ]

Inspired by recent events we stayed up late into the night and wrote this little song. Right click here to download the free MP3, or here to watch the video on YouTube.

The Secrecy Bill

You’re sitting at the table at the end of a meal
You went for a steak ‘cause you felt sorry for the veal
Your friend lifts his hand and starts waving at the bar
Hope he just wants the cheque ‘cause you don’t know CPR

The waitron brings the book with urgency and haste
Clearly expecting a large tip he has drawn a smiley face
You’re reaching for your wallet, will it be cash or card?
Unfortunately no cheques ‘cause it says so on that placard

Your friend takes the slip, now the awkward fight begins
You say you’ll pay but he insists that everything’s on him
You try cast your mind back to figure out what you ate
It’s hard to remember ‘cause you had a lot on your plate

You attempt to sneak a peak but he’s covered it with his hand

It’s the Secrecy Bill, you can’t believe it’s been passed
It’s the Secrecy Bill, it happened so fast
It’s the Secrecy Bill, no matter how you appeal
It’s the Secrecy Bill, now watch them pay for that meal

[Visit for more information on the Secrecy Bill.]




24 November 2011
smart!! I like!




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