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[ Posted 7 December 2011 in Video by Simon Streep ]

In our quest to become household names like ‘what’s her face and the great Heinz’, we are in the latest edition of the YOU magazine (8 December 2011).  Page 64 to be precise.  And page 65.  It’s what the industry like to call a DPS.  Double Page Spread.  It could also stand for Dirty Pillow Slip, but it doesn’t.

We were asked to make a little video for their online portal, and so late at night we decided to record this on our phone.  It was a shameless ploy to try be their poster for that week.  Needless to say, we didn’t succeed.

They went for Jack Parrow.  To be fair it could have been Tim our keyboardist dressed up as Jack Parrow, it’s hard to tell...

If you’ve bought the YOU we hope you enjoyed the interview, and if you haven’t, we hope you enjoyed the video.  If you'd like to hear more about our COSMO and YOU experiences, we chatted about them in the latest episode of The Brothers Streep Show - right click 'save as' here to download.


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