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The Brothers Streep Show S02E02

[ Posted 16 January 2012 in Podcast by Dylan Streep ]

It's episode 2 in the new series and have we got a show for you! This week we discuss cars over-heating, champagne over-flowing and Google Translate changing Simon's surname... We also pay tribute to Hog Hoggidy Hog, as they took to the stage for the last time in South Africa that night. Of course Season 2 wouldn't be Season 2 without 20 Questions and this week was my turn. Thanks to everyone who took part via Facebook and Twitter...


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You can take part in the 20 Questions section or ust have your say by tweeting in to @brothersstreep. This week's 80's Triple Play was brought to you by the letter 'J' and includes Journey, Elton John and Billy Joel...

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Dyl Streep.



Tonya J

18 January 2012
Stop that at once! Didn't your mums ever tell you your face could stay that way?? Srsly though, you all must listen to the show. I had fun playing the 20 questions thingy because I was early to work and happened to see them cavorting about on Facebook. And they played some good music, too.




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