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The Brothers Streep Show S02E03, with special guest Jon Shaban

[ Posted 23 January 2012 in Podcast by Simon Streep ]

We generally broadcast our show live from a cosy studio in town, where if there’s dead air it’s because we’ve unprofessionally ran out of things to say, not because we’re broadcasting live from a balcony in Woodstock and the computer is crashing. But it’s situations like these that make on-location broadcasting fun and unpredictable.  And it’s thus things like these that make our podcasts slightly incoherent and shorter than usual... click here to download this week’s episode.

We were actually cautioned by 2oceansvibe radio not to include this podcast because it’s not up to our usual standard due to all the technical difficulties, but I’d very much like to include it because I was quite proud of my 20 questions performance and also because we interviewed one of our good friends and solo artists, Jon Shaban – you can find him on Facebook here.

You’ll also hear a little challenge we made to a new fan, Kathleen Painter, who you’ll learn more about during this week and later in this coming Friday’s show.

Broadcasting live from La Bottega to mark the opening of Name Your Hood’s 7th Hood Naming Campaign, we brought you classic songs from Kool & The Gang, The Kinks, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Nirvana and many more.

Enjoy the podcast, and we’ll see you again this Friday on 2oceansvibe from 5pm till 7pm.


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