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The Brothers Streep Show 2.0

[ Posted 10 September 2012 in Podcast by Dylan Streep ]

Hey everybody! Last week saw the first episode of The Brothers Streep Show in it's new time slot, Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00, and I thought it would be a good time to briefly describe what you can expect over the next couple of months...

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Songs for Joburg

[ Posted 24 August 2012 in Newsletters by Simon Streep ]

Next week we're taking our Grahamstown show to JHB, so to try gain a little publicity for the event we thought we'd film a little promo video. We hope it'll convince you to buy tickets and invite your friends, but if it doesn't, at the very least it ups our chances of getting to hug Barry Ronge.

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Matthew Mole

[ Posted 15 August 2012 in Podcast by Simon Streep ]

I wanted to write a blog about hipsters. The problem is I don’t really understand anything about hipsters. Somewhere along the line it became incredibly fashionable to look like a slick nerd from the 60s whose clothes shrunk in the wash. But the fact that I describe hipsters in that way probably means I’m not at all qualified to make any statements about them.

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Podcast Catch-Up

[ Posted 8 August 2012 in Podcast by Dylan Streep ]

There have been a few radio shows since we got back from Grahamstown that we have not shared. This is not because we don’t want you to hear them, it’s purely because I’ve been a little bit slack and haven’t got around to writing this blog. Wait. I don’t need to say that. I can make up any excuse. What’s a good excuse? Olympics! Everyone is talking about the Olympics! I couldn’t write this blog because I’ve been so busy backing our amazing Olympic squad...

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Streep Selections: Sitcoms

[ Posted 26 July 2012 in Life by Simon Streep ]

Each brother shares their favourite sitcom...

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The Brothers Streep: Stand-up Musicians

[ Posted 27 June 2012 in Newsletters by Simon Streep ]

In case you haven’t heard by now, this week we’re debuting our brand new musical comedy show at The Grahamstown Festival Fringe, The Brothers Streep: Stand-up Musicians.

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Leon Schuster

[ Posted 20 June 2012 in Podcast by Dylan Streep ]

Last week we had the privilege of chatting to legend of South African comedy, Leon Schuster, and his tiny co-star, Aflred Ntombela. Although it was a pretty bad Skype connection, it was a great experience to chat about the in’s and out’s of their new film Mad Buddies, as well as reminisce about some of the classic Candid Camera moments from the past. But first – here’s a catch up of what we got up to on the show the week before...

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Hold On

[ Posted 12 June 2012 in Video by Simon Streep ]

We’re proud to present our latest video all about the perils of being put on hold. This is one of the new songs specially written for our debut Grahamstown Festival Show, The Brothers Streep: Stand-Up Musicians. Be sure to click here to secure your tickets today.

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Theme parks

[ Posted 5 June 2012 in Podcast by Simon Streep ]

When crafting a theme park ride, I imagine you do your best to create an experience in which your riders will feel a sense of controlled danger. Danger, because they know deep down that humans weren’t made to be propelled upside down at immense speed, but control, because they’re fairly confident the theme park wouldn’t still be open if things hadn’t been tested first. I’ve yet to be in a ride where the operator kicks things off by saying, “Fingers crossed, let’s hope this works…”

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Kiss Catch

[ Posted 30 May 2012 in Podcast by Dylan Streep ]

What a peculiar game. The object was unclear. One team, made up one gender, would run around the playground trying to catch members the other team, made up of the opposite gender, to give them a little kiss and then run away again.


The strange thing is that the people being chased around genuinely didn’t want to be kissed. (This is the age where the opposite sex is annoying and repulsive and has ‘germs’.) Until the teams were swapped. Then suddenly the team who was being chased are doing the chasing and they are totally keen! Very strange. There would always be a couple of kids who were a little wiser and more mature than others, who realised that one day they were going to feel affection for this mysterious other gender. Those kids would tend to run a little slower, or deliberately back themselves into a corner shouting, “Oh no! Not a kiss from a girl! Gross!”

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