In anticipation of the new Stars Wars, and in celebration of the original, we created a musical mash-up tribute to one of the Rebel Alliance’s veteran BTL Y-wing starfighter pilots… Davish Krail aka Pops aka Gold Five.



WassupWassupSimon Mayo’s podcast greetings have been reminding us of our favourite felt friends, so we couldn’t resist splicing together an opening song for Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review Podcast. Mark and Simon, if you end up reading this, please feel free to use it on the show – we’d be honoured.

Of course, if it’s not possible to use this to open the podcast, then we’ll happily settle for ringtone consideration. How do you make this song your ringtone? You just make it your ringtone. You can download the MP3 here.

If you’ve yet to discover the joys of Wittertainment, be sure to click here to start listening to the BBC’s Flagship Film Programme today. Of course, other podcasts are available.

And if you love films, especially films with twists, you might like our song… Bruce Willis Is Dead!

Oh and hello to Jason Isaacs.

It’s ‪#‎10YearsOfStreep‬ and we have a special video for you!

We know it’s a long one, so whether you’re new to the band, or have supported us from the beginning, grab a cup of tea (or a Steri Stumpie) and enjoy this fun look back over the first decade of Streep…

We’re four episodes in to The Brothers Streep Show and it’s looking like this new podcast series is off to a good start! Join the conversation by using the hashtag #streepshow, and who knows, maybe you’ll feature in next week’s episode.

You can listen to, or download, this week’s episode here.

It’s not just big bands with actual careers that can have fan clubs, we’ve just launched our very own group for people who would consider themselves Streeps at heart.

Click here to join today!

This week’s podcast was recorded in studio because we were also recording a new Christmas single. Click here to download the podcast, and if you listen long enough, you’ll be treated to an exclusive sneak peak at the single we’ll be releasing tomorrow…

Is it worth sitting through almost an hour of nonsense for a two minute song? Guess you’re about to find out!

Very few weeks go by without someone asking us… “When will you bring back The Brothers Streep Show?” And those fictitious people eventually got us thinking… maybe it’s time to get back behind the mic.

You can listen/download the first episode here.

(And by award winning, we’re deliberating not releasing the full details of the award mainly because it doesn’t exist, but also because we only came tenth in our own imaginary competition.)

We’re proud to say that we’re going to be guests on the upcoming edition of All’s Well That Ends Well, a new history panel show. You can find out everything you need to know about it here, and if you’re interested in coming along, be sure to book soon because tickets are like our knowledge of history… very limited. We’ll be spending the next two weeks trying to read the whole of Wikipedia in preparation.

“It’s just another evil day… ”

It was high time Lament got a music video, so today we’re proud to announce it’s finally here. Well, actually here. We had a lot of fun shooting the vid, so much fun in fact, that you can expect even more music videos in the next couple of months. But first click the link above and sink your teeth into this cautionary tale about a superhero and super-villain and their quest for fame…

We’re proud to announce we’ve added a video section to the new site. We’ll add more videos as we go along, but for now, all our music videos are available for your viewing pleasure, featuring special production notes and fun facts for each of them.

Keep you eyes peeled – or just generally open – for our music video for Lament launching this week.