Citizen Lame

A film podcast for those who love films, and those who are still on the fence.

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A Film With A Beach House, And One With A Computer Mouse

Introducing a film podcast for those who love films, and those who are still on the fence! Join musical comedians and movie lovers The Brothers Streep in their uphill battle to introduce their friend Andrew to the wonderful world of film. Each brother must try to get Andrew to watch a film of their choosing. In this first episode, Simon tries to seduce Andrew onto his side with a SuperTube, whilst Dylan attempts to sway Andrew with the sound of a 56k modem.

A Film With A Tennis Court, And One With A Rocket Launcher

The battle for Andrew’s movie affections continue. The Brothers Streep have each chosen a film that they need to convince Andrew to watch. Simon attempts to lure Andrew into his camp with the power of potatoes, whilst Dylan uses the ‘power of the positive’. There’s also talk about the morality of watching movies on your cellphone and the catchiest ringtone of all.

A Film With A Man Humming, And One With Time Stopping

The brothers have each won an episode, so there’s everything to play for. Can Simon lure Andrew to his side with some soothing Buddy Holly, or will Dylan succeed with some over the top chopping?

A Film With A Sandler, And A Film With A Fanning

Andrew has now watched three of the brother’s movies suggestions, but has he enjoyed their choices? In this episode Simon tries to win him over with some wordplay, while Dylan warms his heart with a familiar song. Andrew also brings up this little slice of home made cinema…

A Film With A Sauna, And One With A Father

The battle for Andrew’s movie affections is heating up. Can Simon break his three episode losing streak, or will Dylan claim an early Season One victory?

Bill Nighy on Acting:

Let’s Go To London:

*Christmas Special*
A Film With A Toymaker

It’s our first ever Christmas special, and it’s so special, we decided to pack an extra 10 minutes into it. Join Andrew in a battle of the toymakers as Dylan uses intrigue to fight for a season win, while Simon tries to sing his way to the draw. 

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