Let’s Go To London

The Brothers Streep
  1. Let’s Go To London -:-- / 02:32

Words and Music by

Our country is so beautiful
but times are getting bleak
The rand just keeps on falling
There’s a new racist every week
Corruption’s all around us
Hard to know who’s in the wrong
So let’s crawl back to the Commonwealth
We’ve been gone far to long

Let’s Go To London
I hear that their grass is always greener
Let’s Go To London
I bet that their streets are so much cleaner
Let’s Go To London
Maybe the people are less mean there
But either way, we’re afraid to say,
We can’t stay here another day
Let’s Go To London!

Oh I can’t wait to meet the Queen
and say how much I love her songs
And I can’t wait to see Big Ben
I hear he’s got a massive gong
And I can’t wait to marvel at the sheer scope of the London Eye
We have one at the Waterfront but it is one tenth of the size

The movies make it seem like the best place on earth
Full of love and dreams, exciting scenes, an ample supply of Colin Firth
I feel I’m getting closer to the home of having scones with tea
Paddington Bear and Sherlock Holmes
Bond and casual misogyny

Can’t wait to post all my pics
And watch a first world country’s Netflix

Let’s Go To London
Where its green because it’s pouring
Let’s Go To London
Where the roads are full of people touring
Let’s Go To London
Is it me or is this fairly boring?
But we’ll get by, and give it a try
It did take us 8 hours to fly
Let’s Go To London

Trafalgar Square’s a scam
you know the lions aren’t even real?
The pound might be strong
But it’s a fortune for a meal
It’s meant to be diverse and full of ex South Africans
No that is true, they’re just not here, they’re all in Wimbledon

You know it’s far less Downton Abbey
And far more Knockturn Alley

Let’s Go To London
Where an Oyster is a card
Let’s Go To London
Where deciphering bus routes are too hard
Let’s Go To London
Where there’re more bikes than the Tour de France
Okay, we made mistake, SA is great
Its got problems but it’s not too late
It’s back to Cape Town!