Welcome To The Cape (demo)

The Brothers Streep
  1. Welcome To The Cape (demo) -:-- / 02:18

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Welcome to the Cape
We’ve opened our gates
To the party at the tip of Africa’s base
Welcome to the land
Where everything’s grand
It’ll leave you thinking your own home is actually quite bland

Join us at Cape Point, where our mountains meet the sea
Just hold onto your snacks when you’re attacked by all of our monkeys
Watch your friend point at a whale in a distant spot
And get frustrated with him when you find out it’s a rock

Come to the Waterfront, and watch your balance drop
We’ve got overpriced African art in every single shop
Take a champagne cruise, watch the sun set and drink up
wave at the underused stadium we built for the World Cup

Welcome to the Cape
It is the best place
’cause Helen Zille’s done more work on it than her face
Welcome to the land
With golden sea sand
But your beach towel might get stolen if it’s unmanned

Drive down to Clifton, and find us on the shore
Though leave time to find parking, that’ll take five hours or more
If you find you’re lost, just don’t end up in Sandy Bay
Nude beaches can be scary when pensioners pitch up each day

Welcome to the Cape
Where Joburg migrates
We’ve got wine farms on every corner of our highways
Welcome to the land
Where you earn less rand
But our mountains shaped like a table so who cares man

We’ve got clean air, and craft beer
And hipsters with daft beards
Surf spots, and slip slops
And fashionably late cops
Old folks and young blokes
Low carb muncher Tim Noakes
Long Street and bare feet
And best of all The Brothers Streep

Welcome to the Cape
Where no-ones irate
beause we are all really glad it’s not the Freestate
Welcome to the land
We give you our hand
Come and stay a while then leave and show off your tan