Saving Water

The Brothers Streep
  1. Saving Water -:-- / 3:00

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If it’s yellow let it mellow
if it’s brown flush it down
if it’s blue best call a doctor to have a glance
When you shower keep it short
net twee minute met jou stort
Yes the problem is so serious we spoke Afrikaans

We know it is not posh
but place a bucket as you wash
you’ll just have to be okay not weeing in the shower
Once your container is filled
any guest will be thrilled
’cause you’ve gained some vital excremental flushing power

We’re saving water, we’re water saving
We’re giving helpful tips to stop the country misbehaving
Saving water, we’re water saving
We’re here to make you think about all the water you’ve been draining

You might think it’s quick and cunning
but don’t leave your faucet running
Rather pour a cup for brushing teeth and having a shave
You don’t need to fill ya’ basin
Just to keep your teeth amazin’
and looking like a fisherman is trendy anyway

Don’t defrost food with your tap
there are better ways than that
just leave it out and if you’re desperate you can use your hair dryer
It’ll solve your meat dilemma
and if you get salmonella
at least you can stay home from work without getting fired

We’re saving water, we’re water saving
We’re using rhyming words to boost our powers of persuasion
Saving water, we’re water saving
We’ll deal with cutting electricity another occasion

Use the water from the dishes
to make your plants more nutritious
after all we’ve heard that ‘sunlight’ helps to make them grow
And when you are washing your clothes
always put on a full load
steal extra laundry from your neighbor if your machine’s low

We’re saving water, we’re water saving
We’re close to recycling our urine in desperation
Saving water, we’re water saving
We need water for the rainbow in the rainbow nation
Saving water, water saving
Let’s stop complaining, and start restraining
We’re saving water… we’re water saving