The Brothers Streep
  1. Lament -:-- / 02:49

Words and Music by

It’s just another evil day, I’m going to have my evil way
I ordered breakfast didn’t pay, I’m evil
I prank called an old age home, I parked in a handicap zone
I played an album I didn’t own, I’m evil

I woke up in a super mood, I cooked my dog some gourmet food
I dressed a statue that was nude, I’m super
I helped my mom work the remote, convinced some friends that they should
vote, was proven right but didn’t gloat, I’m super

I’m evil by my own admission, I should become a politician
but I have greater ambition, I’ll go down in history
The world can always count on me, I’m like an abacus for humanity
there is no crime I do not see, I’ll go down in history

I never pay my library fines, I return my books with broken spines
I avoid talking loudly so I mime, I’m evil, I’m super
Sex, violence and nudity, won’t watch a film without all three
If it’s not all ages it’s not for me, I’m evil, I’m super

Fynbos is no friend of mine, I cut it down to plant some pine
Fight forest fires in my spare time, I’m evil, I’m super
At ATM’s I stand too near, and shout your PIN for all to hear
If it’s out of order I’ll keep you clear, I’m evil, I’m super

I really do not understand why no-one fears my evil plans
is it because they are too bland, why does nobody notice me?
By now I thought I would have been, on the cover of Time magazine
more popular than Charlie Sheen, why does nobody notice me?

Maybe I, should stop and try, a different way, a different cry
Then I’ll be, a celebrity, my name in lights for all to see

I fed and clothed a poor country, then it was renamed after me
they’ve bought the rights to the movie, I’m super
Did not expect the massive cheer, when I made Australia disappear
it trended on Twitter for a year, I’m evil

But I still don’t feel satisfied, what is this emptiness inside
my quest for fame has left me dry, I’m broken, I’m tired
I’ve just become one big cliché, it’s clear that I have lost my way
I have no idea what’s left to say