Oh Be Careful What You Eat!

The Brothers Streep
  1. Oh Be Careful What You Eat! -:-- / 01:13

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Oh be careful what you eat ’cause you don’t know what’s in your meat                               It could be rhino, could be squirrel, could be jackass penguin feet
It’s like we’re unwitting contestants on that old Fear Factor show
We could all be eating testes only our butcher would know

When I said I was so hungry that I could eat a horse
I didn’t mean please mix it in to all my boerewors
When I heard I’d eaten kangaroo it made me jump so high
The only person loving this is that strange Bear Grylls guy

You used to have to go to Kruger to see the big five
But now can probably find them all in steak and kidney pie
To make things worse some consequences have been quite unseen
Vegetarians are now the smuggest they have ever been

Raises so many questions no surprise it’s a scandal
How do you really tell if aardvark’s kosher or Halaal
But the shocking revelation making it so hard to hate
Is that if we’re all really honest meat has never ever tasted this great!