Our Dear Beloved School

The Brothers Streep
  1. Our Dear Beloved School -:-- / 03:35

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The warming sun beams brightly on our halls of education
The yellow fields yearn longingly for proper irrigation
Steadfast we stand on the grand stands of grander understanding
Marching triple file because the school keeps on expanding

The passages are clearing as the bells begin to toll
We’re celebrating freedom under well enforced control
There’s no time like the present to plan for tomorrow’s past
The future is behind us looking forward in each class

Mathematics helps us see the world from many different angles
You never know when life will throw an isosceles triangle
And alegebra will teach us how to solve our problems better
If numbers weren’t enough, now we have to deal with letters

Science teaches us where all the elements are from
If I become a villain I know how to make a bomb
It is the only place where you can safely let off gas
But you’ll find yourself sent out if you try the same in Maths

Biology will teach us what we’ve been dying to learn
That’s how to label half a locust or discect a worm
When they taught us reproduction we were quite surprised
‘Til that point we thought that couples photosynthesized

Music will show us the worth in every other labour
You’re unlikely to get a job knowing Hemi Semi Demi Quavers
At least we’re bringing harmony where there is disorder
Except if that said harmony is played on the recorder

Geography says that clouds contain water or hail
Computer studies says that clouds contain all our emails
Accountancy will teach us how to balance all our books
Don’t try that in the library or you will get angry looks

When school gets hard remember that in spite of any strife
Each subject we’re subjected to will set us up for life
Everyday we practice what our adult life will be
By having our two lunch breaks and then clocking out at three

So hold the banner high, as high as it can be
As we all sing together for our forced community
We will raise our flag, hopefully our standards too
As we prepare for life in our dear be – lo – ved school