Citizen Lame | S02E01 | A Film With A Natural Disaster

We’re back, and this season Andrew is being a bit more specific with the films he wants to watch. First up, he wants the spectacle and thrill of a natural disaster movie. Can Simon win him over to his corner with tales of beaches and bidets, or will Dylan be able to persuade him that he needs more Bill Paxton in his life? Or was it Bill Pullman?

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*warning potential episode spoilers ahead*

00:00 The Start
00:46 Lights On Or Off?
05:00 The Klaus Controversy
07:19 Recap: Elf
10:27 Natural Disaster Movies
11:09 Armageddon
11:34 Sharknado
12:36 Same Idea, Different Film
13:39 Bill Paxton
14:42 Tom Holland
15:35 The Tom Holland Problem
16:45 Bill Pullman
17:29 “I’m Bill Paxton, I’m Bill Pullman” Song
18:19 Is Tom Holland… (Google Questions)
20:49 Thailand
21:49 Oklahoma
22:06 Guess That State (Blank): Oklahoma Edition
23:25 The Toilets in Thailand
27:00 The Goo Goo Dolls
28:15 “Long Way Down” by The Goo Goo Dolls (Dylan Streep Cover)
30:45 “The Impossible Main Title” by Fernando Velázquez (Si Streep Piano Preview)
31:56 “The Impossible Main Title” by Fernando Velázquez (Si Streep Remix)
35:25 A Family Reunited
36:45 Friends Sharing Stories
38:34 A Fart In The Shower
40:14 Storm Chasers
41:21 A True Christmas Story
43:45 The Runner Up: The Impossible (2012)
44:42 The Winning Film: Twister (1996)

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