Citizen Lame | S01E05 | A Film With A Sauna, And One With A Father

The battle for Andrew’s movie affections is heating up. Can Simon break his three episode losing streak, or will Dylan claim an early Season One victory?

Bill Nighy on Acting:

Let’s Go To London:

*warning potential episode spoilers ahead*

00:00 The Start
01:14 Open Air Cinema
02:08 Uncomfortable Seating
04:14 Recap: Hubie Halloween
07:54 Bill Nighy
09:05 Paul Rudd
09:26 Wet Hot American Summer
10:15 Bill Nighy Chats to BAFTA
12:03 GQ 50 Best Dressed Men 2015
13:45 Samuel’s Sweet Shop
14:18 Young Entrepreneurs
17:01 Biodynamic Agriculture
17:50 “How Heavy Is That Really Heavy Vegetable?!”
21:19 London, Baby!
22:01 “Let’s Go To London” by The Brothers Streep
22:33 I Had a Little Trouble at Border Control
25:40 “Murder, She Wrote” Theme (Simon Streep Piano Intro)
26:05 “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds (Simon Streep Piano Intro)
26:55 “The About Time Theme” by Nick Laird-Clowes (Simon Streep Piano Intro)
27:20 “Christmas Time Is Here” by Vince Guaraldi Trio (Simon Streep Piano Intro)
28:35 “Mac and Me” Clip
29:11 “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando & Dawn (Dylan Streep Cover)
31:29 Paul Rudd in a Sweat Lodge
32:01 Sauna Etiquette
34:58 A Father Playing with His Son on a Beach
35:27 Citizen Lame Merch
36:09 Time Travel
37:56 An Ugly Duckling Story
38:58 The Bible Hates Simon
42:21 The Runner Up: Our Idiot Brother (2011)
42:54 The Winning Film: About Time (2013)

The Brothers Streep
The Brothers Streep
Citizen Lame | S01E05 | A Film With A Sauna, And One With A Father
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