Episode 52 | Guessing adverts with Martin Evans

Simon wonders whether it’s morally acceptable to not Add Hope when purchasing food from KFC, Andrew is interrogated for any inside facts about whether Christ Church Kenilworth is indeed haunted, and Dylan is surprised by the quantity of knives on sale at The Old Biscuit Mill Market.

We also discuss bad travel suggestions in a game of Rejected Ideas, we chat to our special guest Martin Evans about some of the adverts he’s appeared in, and we compete in the Angelia Jolie quiz. Warning, there is some filth when we discuss Martin’s appearance in Black Sails, so if you don’t enjoy that, you probably should never watch Black Sails.

You can find more Martin Evans here…
… and look out for our full interview with Martin in our upcoming podcast series, A Little More Conversation with The Brothers Streep.

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