After years of consuming mainly YouTube videos, Andrew has finally decided to watch a movie. Unfortunately that movie is Green Lantern. Dylan is perplexed about the actual use of toilet seats, and Simon shares from a new book he’s found: The World’s Greatest Alien Abductions (

Also our good friends Gareth and Nic from Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues join us for a game of True of False, and we see how much we know about the man who eats in every film he’s in… the one and only, Brad Pitt.

If you enjoyed Derick Watts on our podcast, be sure to listen to their podcast here…
… and you can watch this space for our full interview with them on our upcoming series, A Little More Conversation with The Brothers Streep.

Dylan is having a terrible week. Not only is he a bit sick, but he’s frustrated at how bad Iron Fist is and by an incident at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Simon gets Andrew’s advice on correct puzzle etiquette, and once again has had a strange run-in at a bathroom. Andrew reveals his true feelings about shaking hands, and quizzes the brothers on their knowledge of X-men ruiner, Jennifer Lawrence.

Carl Weber also pops by the show to play Would You Rather, and chat to us about his show The Bloemboykie Diaries – get your tickets here:

You can catch our full interview with Carl in our new podcast series, A Little More Conversation with The Brothers Streep, releasing in a few months time. Watch this space!

The Brothers are finally back after getting some much needed rest recovering from their sixth Grahamstown Festival. Simon brings everyone up to speed on his latest bathroom adventures, Dylan makes a risotto, and Andrew worries about whether the Grahamstown interviews means he is no longer the tallest person that has been on the podcast. We also play a game of Liarbility and compete in the Matt Damon quiz. It’s good to be back…