S02E02 | A Film With A Musical Number That’s Not A Musical

Dylan and Simon both love musicals, but Andrew has his limits, and only wants to watch a film with restricted spontaneous singing. Can Andrew choose between two comedy giants like Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, can Dylan win a round by roasting the crowd, and can Simon pull off a lounge cover of his favourite Shania Twain song? Find out all this and more in this week’s episode.

*warning potential episode spoilers ahead*

00:00 The Start
00:38 What Is The First Movie That You Saw At The Cinema?
01:51 Dinosaur Kids
02:45 Jurassic Park vs Homeward Bound
03:18 The Little Mermaid
04:40 The Lion King
05:30 Recap: Twister
09:45 A Film With A Musical Number, That’s Not A Musical
12:51 Kristen Wiig
13:52 Bill Hader
15:10 What Do These Actors Have In Common?
18:30 The Celebrity Roast of Citizen Lame!
23:31 Nostalgic Vancouver
24:21 Ice Skating Memories
25:11 Disney On Ice!
27:34 An Underground Lair
28:56 “Wait…They’re From Canada? That Surprises Me!”
31:15 Dramatic Mouse Orchestra
34:34 “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” (Simon Streep’s Richard Cheese Parody)
36:36 “The Final Countdown” by Europe (Dylan Streep’s Modern Movie Trailer Cover)
40:19 Best Fall Ever – Great Physical Comedy
42:43 Talking Club
45:38 A Coming Of Middle-Age Story
47:01 Childhood Friends Doing Stunts
48:25 The Runner Up: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021)
48:54 The Winning Film: Hot Rod (2007)

The Brothers Streep
The Brothers Streep
S02E02 | A Film With A Musical Number That’s Not A Musical
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