It’s A Lockdown Life (Hard-Knock Life Musical Parody)

We couldn’t resist doing our bit to encourage you to #stayhome. Enjoy!

You can download a WhatsApp friendly version to spread around here.

Noteworthy mentions:

  • Whilst Tim Fish Hodgson did not actually send us those texts, he was indeed a WhatsApp catalyst for us making a lockdown video. The intro is a homage to Screen Junkie’s Honest Trailer videos. The very last text is a reference to a Facebook group that existed years ago called something like ‘If This Group Reaches 10 000 Tim Fish Will Shave His Head’. It did reach the right amount of members. He never shaved his head.
  • This video marks the first music video appearances of Streep wives Christine and Tarryn, and Streep children Beth, Isla and Mia.
  • The video call image Simon holds up is from a real call he had with his mom at Christmas.
  • Tim P poking his head out of a small house was actually filmed for a private client video, but we love the shot so much, we couldn’t resist re-using it for this.

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