Our Dear Beloved School

Introducing our universal school song.

Download the chords here.
Read the lyrics or download the MP3 here.
Download a mobile friendly version to share with your friends here.

Noteworthy mentions:

  • This video was filmed at Dylan and Simon’s old high school, Bergvliet High. Even though they went to the same school, they only became friends after Simon had already left.
  • Tim P was not dressed up for this shoot because he overslept, forgetting that he had a scene in front of the camera.
  • This song was one of the last songs written for our album, Stand-Up Musicians, and was inspired by some of the over-the-top and ridiculous lyrics that make it in to school songs.
  • For the initial song recording, Simon ended up mailing Tim S a scratch track and some rather complicated chords with the following instructions: “Feel free to go crazy and show off your skills a bit. I’d keep the initial bit quite normal and school songish, but the moment you’ve gone through a basic cycle and people have got the idea, please feel free to make it as pretty and elaborate as possible. It’s basically just keys and voice this track, so the keys can really be full and camp and flowery and all those things.” We think it’s safe to say, Tim S nailed it!

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