Dyl Streep Stumbles Upon Some Old South African Adverts

My darling sister Roxy got married in Thailand in April 2015 and I had the privilege of singing her down the aisle. The song she and her husband chose was “This Old Love” by Lior. A beautiful song for a beautiful day.

However, I did toy with the idea of doing Sally Brown’s song she sings while Snoopy waits at the altar in “Snoopy’s Getting Married, Charlie Brown”. This was one of the many PEANUTS specials Roxy and I watched on VHS as kids and the song was sung from time to time over the years.

While the thought was sweet, there were a few problems. Sally is singing to a dog. A dog who is waiting for another dog to walk down the aisle. I know Snoopy is highly anthropomorphised in the PEANUTS universe, but the bride-to-be is essentially just a dog. And maybe that’s not the greatest sentiment when you’re singing at your own sister’s wedding. On top of that, [SPOILER ALERT] Snoopy’s bride-to-be ends up running off on the day. Again, not a great sentiment.

But there was a silver lining when hunting through my old VHS tapes to find this song; I got to revisit a load of old South African TV adverts! These are ads I know word for word having seen them so many times as a kid. But watching at them again as an adult, I could only laugh. The styles, the colours, the music, the fashion…brilliant.

Here are a few that stand out for me but please explore them all for a trip down memory lane…

(Apologies for the occasional audio drop out – these VHS tapes are over 20 years old)

Fun fact: The last line of our song Christmas Time is inspired directly by Marie Pentz’s delivery of the line, “…feeling is believing…”.

I’ve always loved ProNutro’s slogan at the end of this ad. “Probably.” It’s so honest. Also, that kid is definitely Rich Streep.

I’m not sure the bullies would necessarily be frightened off by a few Muppets in dustbins. In fact, if Simon Streep were part of the street gang he’d probably be thrilled and go chat to them.

I don’t get this ad. Who is advertising the potatoes? Who are we meant to buy the potatoes from? “The best meal on earth.”? I think Tim Noakes and Banter Clause might have something to say about that…

Here are the rest of my findings:

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