Looking Back On Idols

Today marked 5 years since we stood on the Idols stage and pretended to sing and play fake instruments on live TV.

This moment in Streep history is one that fans often ask us about, so here are some answers to our frequently asked Idols questions:

How Far Did You Get On Idols?

It’s a common and completely understandable question, but it’s usually asked by people who only saw the finale. The fact is that we never entered Idols – we were simply asked by the producers to create a comedy song about the show, and then were invited to play it to the judges in the audition phase. When it proved popular, we were asked back for the final show. So in a sense, whilst we were never in the competition, we made it to the very end.

Were You Miming?

Oh yes, 100%. But it wasn’t our first choice. In the audition there was no easy way of quickly setting up a full band in front of the judges, so we thought the best way to bring across our full sound was to mime to a recording as it would be faster, clearer and less of a strain on the sound editors. But that introduced the moral dilemma of miming, and because we didn’t want to pull a Milli Vanilli on South Africa, we decided to make it blatant that we were miming by playing clearly fake instruments that would have never produced the sound you were hearing.

When it came to preparations for the finale, the producers actually asked us to mime to make the sound dynamics of the live event easier, and it wouldn’t come across as being too weird because it had already been established in the audition. We were still afraid of any Vanilli backlash, so we decided to make it even more obvious by making references to lip syncing in the opening lines.

How Did You Get Away With Insulting The Show?

This is where we have to give the producers a lot of credit. When we got the call to write a song about Idols, they gave us permission to say whatever we wanted to, and in fact encouraged us not to hold back. They even specifically said we could mention the embarrassing voting incident from the year before – essentially, we had complete free reign. And they held true to their word. They accepted the first version of the song we pitched, and were incredibly generous in the way they treated us throughout the process.

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