Agony Uncles

Introducing a new panel show all about life’s quibbles and how to solve them.


Our resident Agony Uncles are joined by special guests Anne Hirsch and Mel Jones to help a grad student ace their job interview and find the best way for a nervous lover to introduce his tattooed girlfriend to his parents. They also navigate the perils of over sized smart phones and watching TV over the sound of crunchy snacks, and provide innovative solutions for getting rid of shoe odors, and stopping pets from destroying your pot plants.


The Brothers Streep are joined by special guests Angel Campey and Stuart Taylor to coach an intimidated coffee drinker through their order, and help a hungry office worker steal their colleagues lunches. They also grieve over the loss of adverts in TV shows and over zealous fitness trainers, and provide inventive solutions for curing migraines, and running faster.


Dylan and Simon are joined by special guests Alan Committie and Yaaseen Barnes to comfort a jealous cat owner, and cure a compulsive book buyer. They also recount some tough times at McDonalds and airport lounges, and provide creative solutions to getting rid of smoke in a room, and overcoming urinating in public.


The Agony Uncles are back with special guests Anne Hirsch and Mel Jones to help solve your problems, which include how to get along with punchable colleagues and how to find love from more than just your pets. There’s also mourning over ripped jeans, lamenting the existence of soy milk, and handy tips on ironing clothes without an iron, and creating makeshift cheese cutters.


Angel Campey and Stuart Taylor return as guests to help The Brothers Streep find solutions for a 28 year old who wants to go on a date wearing a nappy, and a Constantia mom who’s dog is being accused of divergent defecation. They also bemoan the act of eating after using toothpaste, grieve early morning wake-ups, and provide quick ways to make flowers last longer, and a homemade remedy for sore throats.


Dylan and Simon are joined once again by special guests Alan Committie and Yaaseen Barnes to help cover up an accidental fall, and vouch for a man’s legitimate interest in the combination of Lego and Star Wars. They also query the tradition of meal rosters for new parents, protest not having enough time for listening to podcasts, and provide break-through solutions to combating lack of sleep, and getting bad smells off your hands.


Hi everyone, we have three quick things we’d like to share with you before you leave this page and go about your merry life…

Firstly, when we originally envisioned creating this panel show podcast, we had pictured doing about 2 seasons a year, but now with the pandemic, we’re not quite sure when the next season will happen. So, watch this space because season two will eventually happen with brand new guests. If it takes a while for things to get back to normal, we might even do some bonus non-live episodes so that the world doesn’t run amok without our advise!

Secondly, if you’ve enjoyed this season, please spread the word. Share the link, write a review, grab people’s phones and subscribe them (no really, it works) – it takes a while for a podcast to build an audience, so every recommendation counts and will help us to make more of these.

Finally, we didn’t want to leave you empty handed during the break – so if you enjoyed this, then please click here for a brand new podcast we’ve recorded called Citizen Lame, where Dylan and Simon battle it out to get Andrew to watch a movie of their choosing. It’s a film podcast for those who love film, and those still on the fence.

Thanks for joining us this season – we’ve loved helping you solve your problems!

The Brothers Streep
13th November 2020