FansAll the famous bands have fan clubs. One Direction have Directioners, Justin Beiber has Beliebers, and Adele has pretty much every woman in the world.

But fan clubs shouldn’t be reserved for the famous. We believe that small comedy bands from Cape Town should be allowed fan club action as well. Even if the main members of the fan club are our parents, and people who got confused and thought they were signing up for the Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues mailing list.

So, if you’d like to join our fan club, it’s simple… all you need to do is give us your details below, and we’ll welcome you in to the most elite fan club this world has ever known… We won’t ambush you with emails everyday, but from time to time we will be sure to give you access to exclusive content, and you’ll get sneak peaks at new songs and videos far before anyone else does.

So, what you’re waiting for? Join the club and open up a whole new world of Streep.