Let’s Go To London

The Brothers Streep

This single contains our first music video abroad, a demo from Same Streep Different Day, as well as an a capella version of Shopping Anthem courtesy of two of our fans.

Production notes:

  • The video for Let’s Go To London can be found here.
  • This version of Welcome To The Cape was recorded to help us learn the lyrics for Same Streep Different Day at the 2015 Grahamstown Festival. At the time of this recording, we still hadn’t found a great ending for the song, hence why it finishes with a rather unremarkable line about sun tanning.
  • David and Meghan McCoy made our year when they sent us their a capella version of this old Streep favourite. To call them our fans would be unfair, because now the tables have turned and we’re big fans of them.¬†David McCoy made this arrangement specially so he could perform the song with choirs. If you’re in a choir and would like to benefit from his hard work, he has graciously made his arrangement available for free here. Enjoy!