Saving Water

The Brothers Streep
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At the height of Cape Town’s drought we thought it would be a good idea to stir up some extra water saving passion through the power of song.

Production notes:

  • Our friend and producer at KFM Stephen Werner suggested we write a water saving song five months before we actually got round to it. When we entered the early stages of winter and realised the low levels of our dams and high water usage were still a big problem, we thought it was finally time to write that song.
  • All the water saving ideas in the song were mined from this City of Cape Town’s helpful press release on the matter. That said, we should probably say that they don’t recommend using hairdryers to defrost meat, or stealing your neighbour’s clothes.
  • The song originally began with this introduction:
    We’re running out of water
    so we think everybody oughta
    listen up or soon we’ll be drinking straight from the sea
    And whilst we cannot speak for everyone
    We like our food, not water, Indian
    And don’t want salt from the ocean in our cuppa tea
  • The video for our Water Saving song can be found here.