Citizen Lame | S02E04 | A Film Where An Animal Talks

Andrew’s in the mood for something different this week, and that something different is a talking animal! Can Dylan sway him to his side with a bunch of famous impressions, or will Simon win him over with a song that used to be called ‘Knickers in a Handbag’? There’s also talk of awkward movie screenings, and the boys find out which Knights of the Roundtable they’d be.

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*warning potential episode spoilers ahead*

00:00 The Start
00:42 Have You Ever Sat Through An Uncomfortable Film With Your Family?
02:15 Eyes Wide Shut
03:20 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
04:23 Recap: Clue
07:56 A Film With A Talking Animal
08:28 “John Cena” by Sho Madjozi
09:18 Wrestling vs Films
11:40 Sean Connery
12:25 Who Is The James Bond?
17:01 The “Who Sings That Song About That Famous Person?” Quiz
20:38 Celebrity Impressions
26:30 10th Century England
27:05 The “Which Knight Of The Round Table Are You?” Quiz
31:52 Corto Maltese
32:18 A Rebel Camp
33:33 Building Forts
36:21 “Whistle For The Choir” by The Fratellis (Simon Streep Cover)
38:24 “To The Stars” by Randy Edelman (Dylan Streep Cover)
39:14 The Wilhelm Scream
41:51 Villagers Training Montage
43:56 Harley Quinn’s Floral Escape
46:28 A Talking Shark!
47:03 A Talking Dragon!
49:44 The Runner Up: Dragonheart (1996)
50:09 The Winning Film: The Suicide Squad (2021)

The Brothers Streep
The Brothers Streep
Citizen Lame | S02E04 | A Film Where An Animal Talks

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