Grahamstown 2016 Shows, Dates and Times

Programme Ad 2016 Web“Best of the fest! The show to see! Ovation award winning! Top pick of the 2016 Grahamstown Festival!”

These are all things you’re likely to see on other people’s posters.

It’s hard to compete with those sorts of quotes, so this year we’ve decided to bring THREE shows to the festival in order to increase our chances of you stumbling into one of them.

Be sure to come say hello to us on the Village Green. Apologies in advance if we try give you a flyer… for the second time that day.

Here’s what you can look forward to from us this year…

StandUpThe Brothers Streep: Stand-Up Musicians Plugged
Venue: Albany Cabaret Club
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The Brothers are bringing their full band to the festival for the first time in this re-imagining of their original sell-out Grahamstown Festival Show. Experience their musical comedy classics in a fun new way in this suitable for the whole family hit. “Laughing all the way” Cue 2012

30/06 16:00
01/07 20:00
02/07 18:00
03/07 12:00
04/07 22:00
06/07 18:00
07/07 20:00
08/07 10:00
09/07 16:00

SameStreepThe Brothers Streep: Same Streep Different Day
Venue: Albany Cabaret Club
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Dylan and Simon are back with their latest show featuring songs about life, love and loadshedding. This is the duo’s 5th year at the festival and they’ll be celebrating it in style with this fun hour of musical comedy. “Good for a laugh” Cue 2015

01/07 12:00
02/07 14:00
03/07 18:00
04/07 16:00
05/07 20:00
06/07 22:00
07/07 16:00

WattsUpWatts Up With Streep: A Panel Show
Venue: Albany Cabaret Club
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Join musical comedians Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues and The Brothers Streep in a hilarious panel show where they battle it out for the title of funniest comedy duo at The National Arts Festival. Don’t miss this fresh and unpredictable fight to take home the ultimate made-up award.

04/07 10:00
05/07 16:00
06/07 12:00
08/07 22:00
09/07 12:00

School and group discounts are available, so take advantage of them!