Dylan checks in on Simon’s time in New York in a comedy song inspired by the perils of Instagram.

Noteworthy mentions:

  • The places visited in the video are…
    The Staten Island Ferry (The Statue of Liberty), The Top of the Rock (The Empire State Building), New World Stages (Avenue Q), Central Park, Time Square, Grimaldi’s Pizza, Brooklyn Bridge and Tom’s Restaurant.
  • Originally the lyric was about drinking trendy coffee, but we changed it so be more generic so we could feature Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld. The coffee at Tom’s Restaurant ended up being so reasonable that Simon was unable to buy it because he had no cash and they couldn’t use a card for such a small amount. In the end, they gave it to him for free. (He still feels bad about then going outside and pretending not to like it.)
  • Simon ended up postponing the Time Square footage so much that he left it to the last night of his holiday and ended up having to go there at midnight just to film it. It was late and raining which meant it was a rare moment where hardly anyone was there.
  • In reality, Simon loved his trip to America and didn’t make one single post to Instagram while he was there.

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