This cautionary tale of a superhero and a super-villain was filmed over two (and a bit) days in Cape Town, and is the first in our collection of videos from our album, Stand-Up Musicians.

You can read the lyrics and download the song for free here.

Production notes…

  • The movies Dylan cycles through are 50 Shades of Grey, 300 and Magic Mike. Simon holds up Angel Dog and Angel Dog 2.
  • There is real hydrochloric acid in the jar in Dylan’s lair. We had to put a floor cushion under the table in case he knocked it over whilst throwing his jacket.
  • On two occasions we randomly bumped into friends who helped us achieve shots. Dave and Ryan made spontaneous cameos in the ATM scenes, whilst Tertius blew into the end of the hose pipe to fake the illusion of running water.
  • That is actually Simon’s mom in the video.
  • The TV network acronyms in Dylan’s scenes stand for Anna Paquin Syndrome and Moose Boy.
  • Simon’s last shots were filmed halfway up Constantia Nek. We were going to film on the very top, but it was incredibly hot and suits are not built for hiking in.

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