Let’s Go To London

The Brothers Streep leave South Africa behind to find greener pastures in London.

Noteworthy mentions:

  • You can download the MP3 here.
  • A special thanks to the Getty family for bringing us to London for the project that allowed us to film this song.
  • As we were actually in London for a different agenda, most of the London shots were filmed during our last day there while we did actual touring.
  • In an ironic turn of events, our weather in London was rather pleasant, making it hard to present the city as cold and uninviting, whilst the day we filmed in Cape Town was gloomy and overcast.
  • The Cape Town shots were filmed a few weeks after our London trip, meaning if you look carefully, our facial hair doesn’t quite match.
  • Due to limited time, the initial video was shot to a scratch track of Simon’s vocals with the actual vocal takes being recorded only after filming and the first edit.
  • We’re aware our reference to the Commonwealth doesn’t quite work, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s a mistake, poetic license or like some of the other statements in the song, intentionally misconstrued. Don’t let it keep you up at night.
  • Our drummer Tim only appears in a few scenes as he was the one behind camera.
  • Contrary to the story in this song, we had a wonderful time in London, and can’t wait to journey there again.

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