Oh Be Careful What You Eat!

It was the time of the meat scandal in the UK, and we got asked by a popular vegetarian food company to write a song about being able to trust what was in their sausages. It was a great idea, but none of us are actually vegetarian, so we began a moral debate as to whether we should be advertising a product we don’t really use, and whilst all this was going on, the whole thing fell through due to budget constraints.

But the idea of making video about the meat scandal stuck, so we ended up doing it anyways.

Noteworthy things…

  • The woman cooking in Simon’s kitchen is the multi-talented and incredibly funny Anne Hirsch.
  • We had tight time constraints with the project because Dylan had a big holiday oversees planned, so we had to record his vocals and the video before he left. As a result, the video was filmed using a very rough version of the song, and the song itself was only finished when Dylan was in Thailand.
  • At 0:46 Simon catches the paper Richard throws near him. This wasn’t planned, and Simon is notoriously terrible at catching things, making this one of his proudest moments in a Brothers Streep music video.

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