Saving Water

At the height of Cape Town’s drought we thought it would be a good idea to stir up some extra water saving passion through the power of song.

Production notes:

  • Special thanks to our dear friend and Bant Wagon author Nick Key for helping us film.
  • Even though it might have made for some interesting method acting, Simon does not drink urine in the final chorus, but rather chicken stock.
  • To save water during the shoot, none of the scenes actually use water besides from when Dylan waters the plant. That said, nine mugs of tea were drunk between Dylan, Nick and Simon throughout the course of the shoot.
  • The last time the van Wyk family kitchen appeared in a Streep music video was for our rendition of Afternoon Delight, back in 2009 when the kitchen was being renovated and we had limited facial hair.
  • You can download the MP3 of the song for free here.

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