The Steri Stumpie Song

We really had no idea that this would be one of the main things we are known for. As we’ve said many times before, we noticed a gap in the market for songs about flavoured milk-based drinking products, and we decided to milk it…

To answer some FAQS…

  • No, we’ve never been paid by Steri Stumpie for this song, but we have been offered a life time supply of Steri Stumpies for our contribution to the ever growing Steri Stumpie Community.
  • The reason there’s a man in a Tim Smith mask throughout the video is because Tim Smith couldn’t actually make the whole video shoot, but he could make the last 30 minutes of it. That’s why our friend Jake wears a mask of his face until the very last moment when he’s kicked out the video.
  • Even though it can apparently cause break-ups, Cream Soda is probably our least favourite flavour.

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