We’re Never Going To Be (SA Idols)

The success of the YouTube video of our Idols audition was incredibly encouraging and exciting, but we didn’t have the rights for it, and it wasn’t hosted on our YouTube channel. We needed a way we could make the most of our upcoming appearance on the season finale, and we couldn’t think of a better way of doing it than creating our own music video for the song.

We roped in some wives and girlfriends, and our dear friend Jake (of Steri Stumpie video fame), and had a day of filming in front of a green screen at New Creation Collective. When brainstorming the video someone mentioned it would be great to get Heinz Winckler involved, and we laughed it off as a fun idea that was unlikely to happen. But never underestimate the power of Twitter… very soon we were filming the final shot of our video with him in his hotel room in Century City. What a nice guy.

Production notes:

  • We had originally planned to film in front of a white infinity curve, but on the day we realised we wouldn’t have enough space, hence why everything was filmed in front of a green screen and made white in post-production. If you look closely you can still see dots of green in certain scenes.
  • If you’re wondering who our celebrity impressions are meant to be… in order… Simon is Kahn from the Parlotones, Dylan is both members of Locnville, Jake guests as Mzekezeke, Tim S is Jack Parow, Richard is Ross with the rest of the band making up Prime Circle, Tim P is Ard Matthews, Simon and Tim P are Ninja and Yo-Landi from Die Antwoord, Tim S is Kurt Darren, and the goldfish is, well, Goldfish.
  • On the night of the Idols finale we played the video to Kurt Darren backstage, and we lived to tell the tale. Ever since then we’ve had a secret goal of doing a collaboration with him one day.

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